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SIALKOT & LAHORE | 20th Feb to 2nd Mar 2023

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PSEM successfully conducted its 2nd Cabinet Elections 2021

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Perfect Response from EM Physicians from all over the Country

Thank you for your vote

Webinar 2022

PSEM in collaboration with Wondfo (A Leading POCT company of China) is conducting the #Webinar on #POCT Application in ED

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Dear Colleagues,


I hope everyone is doing well in their personal and professional life. It’s an honor for me to communicate through this letter after being elected as the President of the society.

I am mindful of the task and the burden that is associated with this position and will be needing help from you all to show the best team work in the form of vibrant and meaningful society. Most of you know very well all the reasons to create this society. It is utmost important to keep that in mind as we will be promoting the emergency care through combined efforts to educate ourselves in all respects of the emergency medicine.  Being a newly introduced discipline the challenges are manifold.

Now that the society has come to existence, the most pressing task is to do the ground work. The infrastructure and the hierarchy, the scope and the aim, the bylaws and the rules. All these have to be sorted out and decided through consensus very quickly. We are very lucky to have excellent resources available at hand, whether it be people in Pakistan or abroad.

After quickly finishing the ground work, then we will create the membership drive and then embark on the journey to introduce emergency medicine to Pakistan further. This is where we expect to create the greatest impact. We will be collaborating with likeminded people and other national and international societies to help each other through collaborative work. collaboration with Royal College of Emergency Medicine UK, International Federation of Emergency Medicine (IFEM) and plenty of local and international bodies who would like to hear from Pakistan and also like Pakistan to be included in the journey of safe emergency care delivery. A vibrant society will not only serve physicians and patients of Pakistan but also the entire healthcare community and people of the world.

The journey that began in 2009 is now taking a larger shape and from two departments it has included about 6 departments. Soon the numbers will increase and the impact will also increase. Being the President of the society, I will make sure that it is all inclusive and stays in right course for each one of us and every one of us.

We will provide guidance to all regarding all aspects of emergency care and be a source of information and support. We also will be the inspiration to the newly budding emergency physicians and to be their guide in this journey.

I would be requiring support from all corners and am confident that as with the help of all we came this far, we will continue our journey in to the future and make this an story of great teamwork.



Thank you.


Dr. Khawaja Junaid Mustafa

President of the Society