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Message from the President PSEM

Pakistan Society of emergency medicine is happy to announce the creation of international committee of PSEM.  This step is vital for mutual benefit of International Faculty as well as Pakistan. The role of Emergency Physician‘s of Pakistani descent have always been extremely helpful and supportive and it has always been felt that the energy of all these sincere hearted people need to be channelized appropriately.

Through the formation of international committee, we want to acknowledge each and every individual from outside Pakistan and give them a platform to contribute. They will have the say on this platform as well as they will be able to feel the ownership of their own hard work. They will be able to interact with local people, will understand the need and contribute in their own unique way. It will create the right balance of cooperation and result in needed improvement in the quality of emergency care in Pakistan.

We are also very happy to appoint Dr. Taj Hassan as the first chair of international committee. Dr. Taj Hassan is known to the Pakistani community of Emergency Physician’s through his dedicated work and also loving personality and his extreme concern regarding emergency care in Pakistan. We are confident that through teamwork and his dedicated role we will be able to unite our efforts and benefit the population of Pakistan through improved care in the  emergency departments across Pakistan.

Abdus Salam Khan

President PSEM

Message from the Chairman International Committee

“ I am absolutely delighted to have been appointed to be the first Chair of the International Committee of PSEM for a 3 year term. Pakistan has so much talent in EM both within Pakistan and internationally. Our job will be to help harness that talent to improve system design, leadership development, education and training to improve care for patients attending Emergency Depts which are as we know of a very variable quality at present.

This new committee will bring together the very best of those talents and focus our commitment in a number of ways. I look forward to working with colleagues as we build our team in supporting the PSEM Executive to achieve their aims and objectives.

The EM Leadership Summit in Islamabad in 2019 brought together colleagues from 4 continents to work with PSEM Emergency Physicians in Pakistan and build a vision for the future. In addition, the news that PSEM is now a full member of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine shows the excellent profile that PSEM is building as the preeminent organisation in Pakistan.

We have a wonderful opportunity to work together in the coming years to build upon those excellent foundations.

Thank you for the opportunity to help. “

Why become International Member?

  1. Belong to Pakistani community of Emergency Physicians.
  2. Contribution towards improving emergency Medicine in Pakistan.
  3. Recognition on International member at the website
  4. Access to society Journal of emergency Medicine with discontinued publishing fee.
  5. Chance to part of educational and other committees to develop MCQ,TOAES,CURRICULUM and other patient/ education centred activities under the banner of society
  6. Ability to become mentor of EM Physicians from Pakistan help deliver lectures, hands outs, training and impact time in various institution through the society.