A significant event in the field of emergency medicine has successfully been completed on October on 10th and 11th at Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Institute of Trauma (SMBBIT) Karachi, in which national and international emergency physician came together for an exclusive Emergency Care Course. This course promises to be a pivotal opportunity for medical professionals to learn, collaborate, and exchange expertise, ultimately strengthening emergency healthcare systems worldwide.
The course, organized by Pakistan Society of Emergency Medicine and College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan provided platform for emergency physicians from diverse backgrounds to enrich their knowledge and skills in providing critical care during emergencies. Here are some key highlights of this upcoming event:
The Emergency Care Course has attracted emergency physicians and healthcare experts from various countries, fostering international knowledge sharing and collaboration.
Comprehensive Curriculum: Participants were taught an extensive curriculum that covers a wide spectrum of topics such as trauma care, disaster response, advanced life support techniques, and the latest advancements in emergency medicine.
Hands-on Training: Practical workshops, simulations, and case studies were an integral part of the course, enabling attendees gained hands-on experience in various emergency scenarios.
Expert Faculty: Renowned emergency physicians, trauma specialists, and disaster management professionals were part of the course, providing insights and expertise from their diverse experiences.
Networking Opportunities: In addition to the classroom sessions, the event offered ample networking opportunities, allowing participants to exchange experiences, build professional relationships, and establish international collaborations.
Certification: At the conclusion of the course, attendees received certification and CME points by DOW University of Health Sciences (DUHS), attesting to their successful completion of the program, which will be recognized globally.
The Emergency Care Course empowered emergency physicians with the knowledge and skills to handle complex cases and also contributed to the establishment of a global network of medical professionals dedicated to emergency care.
PSEM & CPSP has a strong commitment to improving healthcare globally, and this course reflected their dedication to provide high-quality education for emergency care professionals. With the collective knowledge and expertise of emergency physicians from various corners of the world, this event aimed to advance the field of emergency medicine and ultimately helped to enhance patient care during critical situations.

At the end PSEM would like to thank entire SMBBIT Team specially Dr. Azer Shaikh and his crew.

Thanks all the national and International Faculty members, who prepared and made this course available to all. Thanks to all the participants who took part in this course and attended the two days event.
Finally PSEM graciously thanks to President PSEM Dr. Khawaja Junaid Mustafa, Former President & Executive Member PSEM Dr. Abdus Salam Khan and Chairman International Committee, Lead of cHALO program, Former President RCEM Dr. Taj Hassan and Prof. Abdulah El Mutaqi Councilor CPSP with their efforts support and inputs PSEM has been able to play its part to DEVELOP EMERGENCY MEDICINE IN PAKISTAN.

Enjoy some pictorial highlights of the event.